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  • Leupaxin Expression Is Dispensable for B Cell Immune Responses 

    Bonaud, Amélie; Clare, Simon; Bisio, Valeria; Sowerby, John M.; Yao, Shugang; Ostergaard, Hanne; Balabanian, Karl et al. (Frontiers Media S.A., 2020-03-25)
    The generation of a potent humoral immune response by B cells relies on the integration of signals induced by the B cell receptor, toll-like receptors and both negative and positive co-receptors. Several reports also suggest ...
  • A qualitative study of design stakeholders' views of developing and implementing a registry-based learning health system. 

    Dixon-Woods, Mary; Campbell, Anne; Chang, Trillium; Martin, Graham; Georgiadis, Alexandros; Heney, Veronica; Chew, Sarah et al. (2020-03-06)
    BACKGROUND:New opportunities to record, collate, and analyze routine patient data have prompted optimism about the potential of learning health systems. However, real-life examples of such systems remain rare and few have ...
  • Phylogenetically informative mutations in genes implicated in antibiotic resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. 

    Merker, Matthias; Kohl, Thomas A; Barilar, Ivan; Andres, Sönke; Fowler, Philip W; Chryssanthou, Erja; Ängeby, Kristian et al. (2020-03-06)
    BACKGROUND:A comprehensive understanding of the pre-existing genetic variation in genes associated with antibiotic resistance in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) is needed to accurately interpret whole-genome ...
  • Transposon age and non-CG methylation. 

    Wang, Zhengming; Baulcombe, David C (2020-03-06)
    Silencing of transposable elements (TEs) is established by small RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM). Maintenance of silencing is then based on a combination of RdDM and RNA-independent mechanisms involving DNA methyltransferase ...

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