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  • The long non-coding RNA HOXB-AS3 regulates ribosomal RNA transcription in NPM1 -mutated acute myeloid leukemia 

    Papaioannou, Dimitrios; Petri, Andreas; Dovey, Oliver M.; Terreri, Sara; Wang, Eric; Collins, Frances A.; Woodward, Lauren A. et al. (Nature Publishing Group UK, 2019-11-25)
    Abstract: Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are important regulatory molecules that are implicated in cellular physiology and pathology. In this work, we dissect the functional role of the HOXB-AS3 lncRNA in patients with ...
  • Horizontally acquired papGII -containing pathogenicity islands underlie the emergence of invasive uropathogenic Escherichia coli lineages 

    Biggel, Michael; Xavier, Basil B.; Johnson, James R.; Nielsen, Karen L.; Frimodt-Møller, Niels; Matheeussen, Veerle; Goossens, Herman et al. (Nature Publishing Group UK, 2020-11-24)
    Abstract: Escherichia coli is the leading cause of urinary tract infection, one of the most common bacterial infections in humans. Despite this, a genomic perspective is lacking regarding the phylogenetic distribution of ...
  • Hepatocyte gene expression and DNA methylation as ancestry-dependent mechanisms in African Americans 

    Park, C. S.; De, T.; Xu, Y.; Zhong, Y.; Smithberger, E.; Alarcon, C.; Gamazon, E. R. et al. (Nature Publishing Group UK, 2019-11-25)
    Abstract: African Americans (AAs) are an admixed population with widely varying proportion of West African ancestry (WAA). Here we report the correlation of WAA to gene expression and DNA methylation in AA-derived hepatocytes, ...
  • Factorisation of 3d N = 4 twisted indices and the geometry of vortex moduli space 

    Crew, Samuel; Dorey, Nick; Zhang, Daniel (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2020-08-04)
    Abstract: We study the twisted indices of N = 4 supersymmetric gauge theories in three dimensions on spatial S2 with an angular momentum refinement. We demonstrate factorisation of the index into holomorphic blocks for the ...

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