Distribution of Trapped Magnetic Flux in Superconducting Stacks Magnetised by Angled Field

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Smara, Anis 
Climente-Alarcon, Vicente 
Glowacki, Bartek A. 

Abstract: Some novel energy applications require the use of complex shapes of stacks of superconducting tapes as trapped-flux magnets. A trapped-flux magnet magnetised in a superconducting motor may experience an angled magnetising field rather than a field normal to its surface. This will affect the trapped magnetic flux distribution. This work presents the results of the numerical and experimental analyses of the stacks magnetised in an angled magnetic field. The finite element model using H-formulation is developed to compute the induced superconducting currents. The measurements are performed on stacks with different thicknesses and with different orientations against a magnetising field. The resulting distribution of the magnetic flux as well as the electric currents is computed, presented and discussed in details. The importance of the observed distribution patterns is assessed in the context of the implementation of such stacks in a fully superconducting electric motor.

Original Paper, Superconducting tapes, Superconducting stacks, Magnetisation
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Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism
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Springer US
Horizon 2020 (7231119)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/P000738/1)