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The Over Narrows. Archaeological Investigations at Hanson's Needingworth Quarry. The Low Ground Barrow Cemetary (Pt. IV; 2008)



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Evans, Christopher 
Tabor, Jonathon 


A c.6ha open-area excavation across the O'Connell Ridge occurred (part of the Over Narrows investigations) within Needingworth Quarry, Cambridgeshire, part of a wider programme of investigations. In addition to the O'Connell Ridge, fieldwork involved excavations along a c. 600m-length the ridge north of a palaeochannel and the five 'Low Grounds' Bronze Age barrows and Beaker cemetery clustered along the southern side of the O'Connell Ridge. Unlike adjacent excavations, the O'Connell Ridge lacked buried soil-derived assemblages: c. 470 worked flints, 510 pottery sherds and c. 1,000 animal bones. With slight evidence of earlier Neolithic activity, the site's sequence was initiated in the later Neolithic, and its early occupation saw Grooved Ware and Beaker pit clusters, as well as dispersed Collared Urn pits. No structures were distinguished with certainty, although a possible roundhouse was identified. Relatively little Deverel-Rimbury pottery was recovered, the site's main phase occurred during the MBA. This raises the possibility of aceramic occupation - loss through funerary use? At the western end of the ridge was found a possible post-built longhouse within an enclosure. Three crouched inhumations lay within the area of the site's settlement swathe; and probablt contemporary with the primary Beaker-associated inhumations of the adjacent barrows. The barrows, two pond and three round barrows, contained a total of 44 inhumations and cremations.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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