Systematics of type IIB moduli stabilisation with odd axions

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Moduli stabilisation in superstring compactifications on Calabi-Yau orientifolds remains a key challenge in the search for realistic string vacua. In particular, odd moduli arising from the reduction of 2-forms (B2,C2) in type IIB are largely unexplored despite their relevance for inflationary model building. This article provides novel insights into the general structure of 4D N=1 F-term scalar potentials at higher orders in the α and gs expansion for arbitrary Hodge numbers. We systematically examine superpotential contributions with distinct moduli dependences which are induced by fluxes or non-perturbative effects. Initially, we prove the existence of a no-scale structure for odd moduli in the presence of (α)3 corrections to the K"ahler potential. By studying a partially SL(2,Z)-completed form of the K"ahler potential, we derive the exact no-scale breaking effects at the closed string 1-loop and non-perturbative D-instanton level. These observations allow us to present rigorous expressions for the F-term scalar potential applicable to arbitrary numbers of moduli in type IIB Calabi-Yau orientifold compactifications. Finally, we compute the Hessian for odd moduli and discuss potential phenomenological implications.

hep-th, hep-th
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Journal of High Energy Physics
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