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Research data supporting "Large Area Quantum Dot Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Use with Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells”

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Brennan, LJ 
Purcell-Milton, F 
McKenna, B 
Watson, TM 
Gun’ko, YK 


The folder “DSSC-IV test” contains the data for the current-voltage characteristics of the DSSC obtained following the illumination of either the champion LSC or a control device (undoped pLMA-co-EGDM slab)

The folder “Extended optical absorption of QDs_fig 2 inset” contains the for the absorption profile of the quantum dots (QDs) with the observation window extended to 300 nm.

The folder “IPCE spectra with LSC edge luminescence” contains the data for the edge emission for the champion LSC device and an undoped pLMA-co-EGDM slab and the IPCE spectrum of an N719 DSSC. All measurements performed under 1 sun illumination with an edge area of 0.4 × 0.3 cm2 for the LSCs.

The folder “lifetimes” contain the data for the PL decay curves of CdSe@ZnS/ZnS QDs in hexane, the pLMA-co-EGDM matrix and the instrument response function. Emission and excitation wavelength were λem = 510 nm and λex = 458 nm, respectively.

The folder “LSC Optical transmission” contains the optical image of a QD-loaded LSC under standard indoor lighting conditions.

The folder “Optical power decay with distance” contains data for (a) optical power output (OPout) at the centre of a single edge (4.0 cm × 0.3 cm) as a function of distance of distance, d, from the illumination site under irradiation with solar simulated light (1 sun). The decrease in optical power observed with increasing d is due to the reabsorption of emitted photons. (b) optical power output under the same measurement conditions using guided 750 nm light. The optical power decreases but no red-shift with increasing d using this irradiation source. (c) Intensity normalised decay of the integrated optical power output as a function of d under 1 sun illumination and using 750 nm guided light, as well as the integrated optical power output corrected for scaterring losses. (d) Spectral profile of the 750 nm source used for the guided light experiments.

The folder “optical stability” contains the data for the optical power output of the CdSe@ZnS/ZnS-LSC (35 mm × 20 mm) as a function of irradiation time (normalised to OPout at 0 h irradiation) under high UV intensity (366 nm, 5.01 Wm-2), to investigated the photodegradation of the LSC.

The folder “photostability UV” contains the data for UV/Vis absorption spectra obtained after 0 h and 10 h of UV illumination (366, 5.01 Wm-2). The folder “solid state PL and abs comparisson with solution” contains the data for UV/Vis absorption and photoluminescence (PL) spectra (λex = 350 nm) of CdSe@ZnS/ZnS QDs dissolved in hexane and embedded in pLMA-co-EGDM film.

The folder “TEM Histogram” contains the data for the histogram of the corresponding diameter of the nanoparticles as analysed by TEM using the ImageJ programme.

The folder “TGA data” contains the data for thermogravimetric analysis of the QD-doped LMA-co-EGDM polymer composite.


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