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Gravel Hill Farm, Cambridge: An Archaeological Desktop Assessment.

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Dickens, Alison 


A desk based assessment was carried out on the area formerly known as Gravel Hill Farm, now largely occupied by parts of University Farm and University buildings. The study identified six findspots within the site boundary ranging in date from Palaeolithic flints to a Second World War pillbox. The area around the site has a long history of archaeological finds, mostly flints from quarrying and Coprolite extraction in the vicinity, but also includes Roman burials in coffins, Roman cremations and an Anglo-Saxon inhumation. The site has the potential to provide important information particularly about Roman and medieval land-use immediately outside the town, and may be able to cast light on the question of Roman Road alignment on the town approach. Survival between mineral extraction zones, however, may be intermittent.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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