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Research Data Supporting "Identifying Current Collectors That Enable Light-Battery Interactions"

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Kim, Byungman 
Greenham, Neil 
De Volder, Michael 


This is a zipped file containing research data supporting the publication "Identifying Current Collectors That Enable Light-Battery Interactions", published in Small Methods. The datasets are organized by figure. UV vis data was collected in a Perkin-Elmer Lambda 750 in transmission mode, with the spectra smoothened by a Savitzky–Golay filter prior to plotting. LSV scans were carried out in a Biologic VMP-3 potentiostat using Zn/Li metal as a counter/reference electrode at a scan rate of 5mVs-1. Python code for plotting the LSV curves and transmission data is provided. All electrochemical cycling data was carried out on a Biologic BCS-800 potentiostat, at different current densities (24, 60, 120, 240 mA/g) and long-term cycling at 100 mA/g. Cells were run in triplicates with the mean value and standard deviation shown in the manuscript. The mass loading was 4-4.3 mg/cm2.


Software / Usage instructions

All raw data files are available in text or Excel format and can be plotted using any data analysis tool. The python files used for plotting can be run in any python IDE. For electrochemical cycling data (Fig 6), the mass in the title is the mass of the active material used in the electrode.


Free-standing electrodes, Photobattery, Photoelectrochemistry


EPSRC (2626206)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/S022953/1)
European Commission Horizon 2020 (H2020) ERC (866005)