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Bio-Inspired Robots Imitating Human Organs with Embodied Intelligence Behaviour

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Hashem, Ryman 
Xu, Weiliang 
Iida, Fumiya 


jats:titleAbstract</jats:title> jats:pSoft robotics is an emerging field that introduces promising engineering methods that replicate biological behaviours. Soft robotics aims to obtain a delicate interaction with their environment and be adaptable in different situations. Using the morphology and materials in robotics design is recognised as an embodied intelligence of the system. This method provides new ideas other than classic engineering strategies; it can translate biological behaviour into an engineering context. Embodied intelligence introduces potential ways to replicate human organs' motor activities with soft-bodied simulators. Researchers are looking for a test environment that imitates the complex human organs functionalities to advance the knowledge of the human body. Many recent diseases were discovered, such as stomach dysrhythmia. It is believed that a test environment that can replicate such illnesses can introduce a faster solution to patients suffering from those illnesses. This chapter will discuss soft robots that emulate human organs using embodied intelligence in their morphology for simpler control systems and continuous actuation behaviour.</jats:p>



46 Information and Computing Sciences, 40 Engineering, 4602 Artificial Intelligence

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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

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