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Enhancing Building Maintenance Efficiency Through BIM-LIDAR Integration

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Chen, Weiwei 
Wang, Mudan 
Kookalani, Soheila 
Brilakis, Ioannis 


Facility Maintenance Management constitutes a significant portion of building costs, emphasizing the need for innovative approaches to enhance efficiency. This paper introduces a novel methodology for transforming point cloud data into Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) models. This method involves a meticulous point cloud classification and a subsequent conversion into a visually appealing mesh representation. This mesh is then linked to IFC entities, enabling the creation of comprehensive and semantically rich BIM models. A case study on the Civil Engineering Building at the University of Cambridge demonstrates the methodology's effectiveness, showcasing improved visualization and supervision of maintenance tasks. The contribution lies in the refined point cloud classification, mesh conversion, and seamless integration with IFC, providing a novel and efficient solution to existing challenges. The results underscore the potential for revolutionizing maintenance practices in existing buildings.



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2024 European Conference on Computing in Construction

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This work was supported by an EU Commission-funded project, the AEGIR project [grant number 101079961], and the OMICRON project, EU H2020 [grant number 955269].