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Design project planning, monitoring and re-planning through process simulation


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Wynn, DC 
Clarkson, PJ 


Effective management of design schedules is a major concern in industry, since timely project delivery can have a significant influence on a company’s profitability. Based on insights gained through a case study of planning practice in aero-engine component design, this paper examines how task network simulation models can be deployed in a new way to support design process planning. Our method shows how simulation can be used to reconcile a description of design activities and information flows with project targets such as milestone delivery dates. It also shows how monitoring and re-planning can be supported using the non-ideal metrics which the case study revealed are used to monitor processes in practice. The approach is presented as a theoretical contribution which requires further work to implement and evaluate in practice.



Process management

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Proceedings of ICED'09 - Design Processes

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17th International Conference on Engineering Design' ICED '09

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Design Society

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