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Classroom-based professional expertise: a mathematics teacher’s practice with technology

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Bozkurt, G 


This study examines the classroom practice and craft knowledge underpinning one teacher’s integration of the use of GeoGebra software into mathematics teaching. The chosen teacher worked in an English secondary school and was professionally well regarded as an accomplished user of digital technology in mathematics teaching. Designed in accordance with the Structuring Features of Classroom Practice framework (Ruthven, 2009), the study triangulates evidence from lesson observations and post-lesson interviews to analyse how this teacher’s classroom practice and professional knowledge support the integration of technology. This analysis shows how the teacher managed a number of aspects of classroom teaching related to using GeoGebra such as including technology-mediated tasks aligned with his pedagogical goals, preparing his students to use the technology efficiently, adapting formats for classroom activity and extending his curriculum scripts for the topics studied.



Classroom practice, Mathematics teaching, Dynamic mathematics software, Technology use, Professional expertise, Craft knowledge

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Educational Studies in Mathematics

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The first author thanks the Ministry of National Education of Turkey for supporting her doctoral studies during which this research was undertaken.