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Decays of an exotic 1-+ hybrid meson resonance in QCD

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Woss, AJ 
Dudek, JJ 
Edwards, RG 
Thomas, CE 
Wilson, DJ 


We present the first determination of the hadronic decays of the lightest exotic JPC=1−+ resonance in lattice QCD. Working with SU(3) flavor symmetry, where the up, down and strange quark masses approximately match the physical strange-quark mass giving mπ∼700 MeV, we compute finite-volume spectra on six lattice volumes which constrain a scattering system featuring eight coupled channels. Analytically continuing the scattering amplitudes into the complex energy plane, we find a pole singularity corresponding to a narrow resonance which shows relatively weak coupling to the open pseudoscalar--pseudoscalar, vector--pseudoscalar and vector--vector decay channels, but large couplings to at least one kinematically-closed axial-vector--pseudoscalar channel. Attempting a simple extrapolation of the couplings to physical light-quark mass suggests a broad π1 resonance decaying dominantly through the b1π mode with much smaller decays into f1π, ρπ, ηπ and ηπ. A large total width is potentially in agreement with the experimental π1(1564) candidate state, observed in ηπ, ηπ, which we suggest may be heavily suppressed decay channels.



hep-lat, hep-lat, hep-ph

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Physical Review D

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American Physical Society (APS)


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