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European Bulletin of Himalayan Research (EBHR) Volume 25 - 26, Autumn 2003 - Spring 2004



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South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, Germany 
(CNRS) Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France 
(SOAS) School of Oriental and African Studies, UK 


Introduction: Representing Local Histories in the Himalayas by Martin Gaenszle; Memories of Migration: Notes on Legends and beads in Arunachal Pradesh, India by Stuart Blackburn; The Oral History of the Darma Lineage of Indus Kohistan by Ruth L. Schmidt; Local Representations of History and the History of Local Representation: Timescapes of Theistic Agency in the Western Himalayas by Peter Sutherland; Inventing a Past for Inheriting a Future: New Visions of History among the Kirant Intellectuals of Nepal by Gregoire Schlemmer; National Hegemonies, Local Allegiances: Historiography and Ethnography of a Buddhist Kingdom by Brigitte Steinmann; On Local Festival Performance. The Sherpa Dumji in a World of Dramatically Increasing Uncertainties by Eberhard Berg; Conference Report on Tibet and Her Neighbours April 24-25th 2004, Harvard University by Mark Turin


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