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On the impact of substrate electron injection on dynamic Ron in GaN-on-Si HEMTs

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Pagnano, D 
Longobardi, Giorgia  ORCID logo
Sun, J 
Imam, M 


The impact of electron injection from the substrate on the dynamic Ron of GaN-on-Si High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) has been investigated by means of back-bias transient and vertical leakage measurements and TCAD simulations. A strong correlation between electrons injected from the substrate and on-state drain current transients is demonstrated. Moreover, the contribution of the electron-type traps in the buffer layer as opposed to the usually studied hole-like traps to the dynamic Ron is discussed. In particular, the impact of electron-like traps for different levels of substrate leakage current is studied. A TCAD model has been developed and calibrated by taking into account both off-state vertical leakage and on-state drain current transient experimental results. The proposed charge dynamic has also been assessed against state-of-the-art theories. This analysis contributes to a deeper understanding of the complex scenario of different types of traps in the buffer layer of GaN-on-Si devices and highlights the impact that trap-states can have on the on-state and off-state currents.



GaN, Power devices, Dynamic Ron, Traps

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Microelectronics Reliability

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