Supporting data for: "Security metrics for the Android ecosystem"

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Thomas, Daniel R 
Wagner, Daniel T 
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A snapshot of is contained in, the live site is at and the full up to date data and source code: The LaTeX source of the paper: spsm04-thomas.tex and security_scoring.tex The LaTeX source of the data included in the paper: avostats.tex, countversions.tex, dastats.tex the data was stored in these files using, the current version of which is available from: The python code used to do version scraping: and the resulting data: version_dates_bouncycastle.csv, version_dates_linux.csv, version_dates_openssl.csv The python code used to analyse the device analyzer data and plot the graphs:,,,,,,,,, The figures included in the paper along with some additional figures: Comparisons between Google Play API data and Device Analyzer: api_gpcomp_diff.csv, api_gpcomp_rdiff.csv, gp_per_api_diff.csv, norm_api_gpcomp.csv First observations of API and OS versions: first_api_versions.csv, first_os_versions.csv Recorded instances of updates: security_updates.csv, updates.csv Significant manufacturers, models and operators: s_manufacturers.csv, s_models.csv, s_operators.csv The Device Analyzer data used is available under contract, details at: Those interested in the Rwanda data should speak to Sherif Akoush: The FTSE 100 company data is not available for external use.

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Android, updates, vulnerabilities, metrics, ecosystems, Device Analyzer
This work was supported by the EPSRC [grant number EP/P505445/1] and Google.