Interpreting vibrational circular dichroism spectra: the Cai•factor for absolute configuration with confidence

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Lam, Jonathan 

Vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectroscopy can generate the data required for the assignment of absolute configuration, but the spectra are hard to interpret. We have recorded VCD data for thirty pairs of small organic compounds and we use this database to validate a method for the automated analysis of VCD spectra and the assignment of absolute configuration: the Cai•factor (Configuration: absolute information). The analysis of the data demonstrates that the procedure is a reliable and time-efficient method for determination of absolute configuration, which gives both the assignment and a measure of confidence in the outcome, even when the spectra are imperfect. The majority of molecules tested have a high confidence score and all of these have the correct assignment.


Acknowledgements: The authors wish to thank Dr Maria Saxin and Dr Marie Rydén Landergren of AstraZeneca for acquisition of spectral data.

Funder: AstraZeneca; doi:

Absolute configuration, Structure determination, VCD, VCD data
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Journal of Cheminformatics
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