Building a stem cell-based primate uterus

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Schindler, Magdalena 
Munger, Clara 
Penfold, Christopher A.  ORCID logo
Boroviak, Thorsten E.  ORCID logo

Abstract: The uterus is the organ for embryo implantation and fetal development. Most current models of the uterus are centred around capturing its function during later stages of pregnancy to increase the survival in pre-term births. However, in vitro models focusing on the uterine tissue itself would allow modelling of pathologies including endometriosis and uterine cancers, and open new avenues to investigate embryo implantation and human development. Motivated by these key questions, we discuss how stem cell-based uteri may be engineered from constituent cell parts, either as advanced self-organising cultures, or by controlled assembly through microfluidic and print-based technologies.

Review Article, /631/136, /631/136/2086, review-article
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Communications Biology
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