The Library Site Excavations : Jesus College Cambridge, 1993

Change log
Evans, Christopher 

As a result of evaluation fieldwork undertaken during the summer of 1992, in March of the following year a two week-long excavation was conducted on the New Library Site, Jesus College, Cambridge (TL4525/5802). Whilst the initial fieldwork produced intriguing results and raised important issues, they were not felt to be such as to warrant full excavation. Only a sample of the proposed building site was to be further investigated (c. a third). Knowing what we did of its potential, this was to occur within a specific research framework: 1) To retrieve from both College and Nunnery-associated contexts sufficient artefacts and environmental remains to permit the study of the economy and material culture of the site's successive institutions. 2) To excavate a trench down to the Jesus Lane-side-wall in order to investigate, and hopefully date, the layout of that thoroughfare.

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