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Data Champions Stakeholder Analysis

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Angelaki, M 
Bhatti, J 
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During the May 2018 Data Champions forum at the University of Cambridge, the Data Champions were asked to think of stakeholders in research data management (RDM), why good RDM is of value to them, the stakeholders possible objections to practising RDM properly and the response that could be delivered to this objection.

The work was carried out as a small group exercise. Not all boxes were completed due to time limitations. The objections and responses for each stakeholder are numbered and the numbers correspond to each other. Where a response was not written down the corresponding number is marked with an 'X'.

This analysis provided the basis of the Data Champion cartoons that were created for advocacy purposes (

Clair Castle is the first author of the dataset as she collated the all the information gathered during the exercise. All other Data Champions who attended the meeting are listed in alphabetical order.


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