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Must Farm 2010 - Phase 3. Archaeological Investigations. Interim Statement.

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Knight, Mark 
Murrell, Kerry 


Phase 3 can separated into three areas and essentially three feature sets: Area 1 - Bank and ditch and burnt mound (north of the drain), Area 2 - Barrow and fence-lines (south of the drain) and Area 3 - Metalling and burnt soil (lower 'terrace' and east of the ramp). Areas 1 and 2 represented the same landscape 'terrace' (situated between 0.00 to -0.50m OD) but were divided by a 50m wide temporary baulk that protected an 'active' drain that crossed the site. Area 3 covered the southern extent or lower step of Phase 3 (situated between -0.50 to -3.00m OD) as well as a small 'wedge' situated between the northern edge of the palaeochannel area and a large quarry access ramp. The principal difference between Areas 1 and 2, and Area 3, was the overlying deposit sequence. Areas 1 and 2 were covered by a simple two fold peat and plough-soil sequence that measured between 0.50 to 1.00m in depth whilst Area 3 was buried beneath a full fen-sequence of lower peat, fen clay, upper peat and plough-soil that measured up to 4.30m in depth. Silt filled channels or small roddons intersected the fen sequence within Area 3.



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