Old Catalan Morphosyntax: Developing an Annotated Corpus

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Pujol I Campeny, Afra 

This paper presents a full procedure for the development of a Part-of-Speech (POS) tagged corpus of Old Catalan. As an extremely low-resource language with rich inflection and frequent homographs, Old Catalan poses non-trivial problems in the development of a searchable constituency-based treebank. We demonstrate, however, that a semi-supervised method of incrementally building training data using both neural and memory-based taggers, together with the Pyrrha annotation tool is highly efficient and yields accurate results. We propose that this simple and effective method could easily be extended to other low-resource historical languages for which no NLP tools exist yet.

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Journal of Open Humanities Data
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Ubiquity Press
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British Academy (PF170063)
British Academy (SRG18R1\181450)
"Research that partially facilitated the work presented in this article was funded by the British Academy (PDF grant pf170063), and the Cambridge Humanities Research Grant (tier 1 grant, GANT011262). Additionally, this work has been supported by the French government, through the UCAJEDI Investments in the Future project managed by the National Research Agency (ANR) with the reference number C870A06228 – EOTP : SYVACA – D112.