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An Archaeological Evaluation at Land North of 2 Gray's Lane, March, Cambridgeshire

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Whittaker, Paula 


An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit on land north of 2, Grays Lane, March in Cambridgeshire. This work was commissioned by Hereward Design on behalf of their clients in advance of a proposed housing development. The evaluation results revealed a late Medieval roadside drainage ditch possibly 15th/16th century in date. This was superseded by backlot activity of gardens and outbuildings associated with the 17th century house at the front of the plot. Land use was continuous from the 17th century onwards, with the majority of the features revealed datable to the 18th and 19th centuries. Medieval pot sherds were found dating to the 14th/15th centuries, though these were residual in nature.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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