Research data supporting "Nitrate modulates stem cell dynamics in Arabidopsis shoot meristems through cytokinins"

Change log
Landrein, BPM 
Formosa-Jordan, Pau 
Malivert, Alice 
Schuster, Christophe 
Melnyk, Charles W 

Data is made of z-stacks (Format: Zeiss .lsm files that can be opened with Fiji (ImageJ)) obtained by confocal microcopy. Each file is a stack of a single meristem. Images were taken with a Zeiss LSM780 or with a Zeiss LSM700 confocal microscope and with a 20X water objective (Plan-Apochromat 20x/1.0 DIC CG=0.17 M27 75mm). Unless stated otherwise, the same settings were applied for all meristems within an experimental repeat. Each folder contains the data related to a figure (or multiple figures if the same set of data was used to generate multiple figures) from the article. Then subfolders separate genotypes or/and markers (if available) and experimental replicates.

A full description of the contents of each file is listed in the README.txt file.

Software / Usage instructions
Stacks were obtained using the Zen software (Black edition). They can be opened using Fiji (ImageJ)
Arabidopsis, Shoot Apical Meristem, Stem cell, nutrients, WUSCHEL