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Research data supporting “Seasonal changes in neophobia and its consistency in rooks: the effect of novelty type and dominance position”

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Jolles, Jolle W. 
Thornton, Alex 
Clayton, Nicola S. 


Data is contained in two excel sheets. One contains behaviour during trials in response to novel and familiar people (People trials data), the other contains behaviour during trials in response to novel objects and food controls (Object trials data). Explanation of column titles in datasheets: Observation: Date(YYYYMMDD) Trial_number Trial_feeding_position Birds: Name of individual bird Season: 1 (Breeding), 0 (Non-breeding) Trial_number: Trial number of that day Num_eaten: Number of larvae eaten by that individual during that trial Bird_order: Birds’ approach rank (1 = 1st to arrive, 2 = 2nd to arrive, etc) Approaches: Does that bird approach? Y = 1, N = 0 Time_approach: Approach time in seconds from beginning of trial. Birds that approached in less than 1 second were assigned to 0.1. Location: Trial took place on a Table or on the Floor Perct_food: (People trials datasheet ONLY) percentage of total food consumed that was eaten by this individual Condition: Test or Control condition Dominance: That individual’s rank during that season Sex: Male or Female


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Microsoft Excel, R


dominance, individual consistency, neophobia, predatory wariness, rooks, seasonal change


University of Cambridge
BBSRC [BB/H021817/1]