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St. Faiths School Playing Field, Latham Road, Cambridge: An Archaeological Evaluation

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Timberlake, Simon 


An archaeological evaluation undertaken on the St.Faith's/ Leys School Playing Field within the footprint of a proposed 0.6 hectare Astroturf all-weather hockey pitch. Three trenches were sited to examine potential ditch and pit features indicated by possible parch marks identified on aerial photos. Clearer parch marks less than 50m to the west of here indicated likely Iron Age/ Romano-British enclosures and a trackway, archaeological remains of this period also indicated by previous finds in the area. However, no archaeology was found either in the trenches or three earlier test pits dug to examine the depth to natural. A concentration of modern and ancient tree throws seemed to indicate a formerly wooded area, perhaps superseded by medieval and post medieval open fields. No clear evidence of ridge and furrow, or modern plough disturbance was evident, although a considerable accumulation of soil along the western part of the site might indicate a headland.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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