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New Hall, Cambridge: Prehistoric Land-Use and Roman Hinterland Investigations. The 1994 Excavations.

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Evans, Christopher 


In mitigation of the construction of a new Accommodation Wing and Study Centre, excavations occurred over a four month period during the winter of 1993/94. The site certainly surpassed expectations. Although its basic components - prehistoric settlement, Roman ditch systems and pitting clusters - were essentially as anticipated through evaluation fieldwork, interpretative scope was greatly broadened by the scale of the excavations and the density of features (and artefacts) was far greater than planned. Extending over 1.5ha with more 2000sq m excavated, this certainly was the largest exposure to date of Roman Cambridge. A very major site, more than 290 features were excavated and 16,000 finds recovered.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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