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The changing landscape in EV ‘value chain ecosystem’: a framework to assess present and future capabilities.

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Anzolin, Guendalina 
O'Sullivan, Eoin 
Bozzola, Carlo 


This paper explores the value chain of new EVs, specifically looking at what are the capabilities needed to capture value in the changing automotive industry. Building on existing literature, we developed a new framework to study the movement of capabilities within the automotive sector and other sectors where relevant capabilities for EVs lie. Our framework is tested by looking at the software segment of the EV value chain, and it analyses the movement of capabilities occurring in the automotive industry, including the need for new software capabilities from different sectors such as aerospace, Big Tech and IT. Once filled, we conducted semi-structured interviews to provide further insights into the framework, which introduces a tool for policy-makers to understand areas that require to be targeted to capture value along the present and future automotive value chain.



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International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management

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