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Interpreting a CMS excess in lljj+missing-transverse-momentum with the golden cascade of the minimal supersymmetric standard model

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Kvellestad, Anders 
Raklev, Are 


The CMS experiment recently reported an excess consistent with an invariant mass edge in opposite-sign same flavor (OSSF) leptons, when produced in conjunction with at least two jets and missing transverse momentum. We provide an interpretation of the edge in terms of (anti-)squark pair production followed by the ‘golden cascade’ decay for one of the squarks: q → χU2q → llq → χU1qll in the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM). A simplified model involving binos, winos, an on-shell slepton, and the first two generations of squarks fits the event rate and the invariant mass edge. We check consistency with a recent ATLAS search in a similar region, finding that much of the good-fit parameter space is still allowed at the 95% confidence level (CL). However, a combination of other LHC searches, notably two-lepton stop pair searches and jets plus /pT , rule out all of the remaining parameter space at the 95% CL.



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Physical Review D

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American Physical Society
STFC (ST/J000434/1)
STFC (ST/L000385/1)
This work has been partially supported by STFC grant ST/L000385/1. We thank the Cambridge SUSY Working Group and T. Stefaniak for stimulating discussions. Some of the CPU intensive parts of this work was performed on the Abel Cluster, owned by the University of Oslo and the Norwegian metacenter for High Performance Computing (NOTUR), and operated by the Research Computing Services group at USIT, the University of Oslo IT-department. The computing time was given by NOTUR allocation NN9284K, financed through the Research Council of Norway.