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Scene Walk: a non-photorealistic viewing tool for first-person video

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Blackwell, AF 
Jones, R 
Nguyen, HT 


jats:titleAbstract</jats:title>jats:pScene Walk is a video viewing technique suited to first-person video recorded from wearable cameras. It integrates a 2D video player and visualisation of the camera trajectory into a non-photorealistic partial rendering of the 3D environment as reconstructed from image content. Applications include forensic analysis of first-person video archives, for example as recorded by emergency response teams. The Scene Walk method is designed to support the viewer’s construction and application of a cognitive map of the context in which first-person video was captured. We use methods from wayfinding research to assess the effectiveness of this non-photorealistic approach in comparison to actual physical experience of the scene. We find that Scene Walk does allow viewers to create a more accurate and effective cognitive map of first-person video than is achieved using a conventional video browsing interface and that this model is comparable to actually walking through the original environment.</jats:p>



First-person video, Body-worn camera, Video viewing, 3D scene reconstruction, Camera trajectory, Cognitive Map

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Virtual Reality

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