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North Range Building, New Museums, Cambridge, Further Archaeological Investigations

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Archaeological investigation in 2018-19 of three areas at the North Range Buildings development of the New Museums site, Cambridge, have expanded the understanding of the site achieved during excavations in 2016-17. Further, albeit limited, evidence of pre-friary domestic occupation of c. 1050-1277/89 was identified. Discoveries relating to the Augustinian friary of c. 1277/89-1538 included evidence for the location of the western claustral range and two significant ancillary structures located to the south of the cloisters. Reused stone mouldings added to our understanding of the friary architectural sequence, whilst decorated tiles and window glass increase the known repertoire of such items. Post-Friary features included a major stone-lined well, installed in what had been the western claustral range soon after the Dissolution. The status of an area to the west of the cloisters is less certain, it may have been used by the friary for more domestic activities or could have been leased as part of plot to generate rental income. The sequence in this area contemporary with the friary included substantial pits. After the Dissolution there is evidence for a series of clay lined ovens and use as a garden, with several substantial assemblages of material. Some substantial 18th-century cellared buildings, one of which may have been an inn or similar establishment, were present.



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