ROKmss2011 – database of manuscripts of the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Change log
Martin, William H. 
Mason, Sandra 

This database ROKmss2011 lists around 100 manuscripts and manuscript copies of which contain Persian Rubáiyát which have been attributed to Omar Khayyám. The list contains only those which Martin & Mason identified in the course of their research and it is not a comprehensive audit of all existing Khayyám manuscripts. In particular a significant number of the manuscripts listed by Du Blois (see reference below) are not included

The basis of the listing has been data given in a number of key, mainly early, printed editions of the Rubáiyát in Persian together with certain library catalogues. Details of these sources are given below.

Further details of the fields and codings used in the databases are given in the ‘ROKmss definitions'
doc / pdf files below

Software / Usage instructions
The database files have been saved in three formats: a Microsoft Access 2007 database (.accdb); a DBASE IV file (.dbf); a comma-delimited text file (.txt). A separate doc / pdf file below lists tables, fields with definitions and the codings used in different cases.