Complex research of the unclosed HTS shield for improving homogeneity of the magnetic field

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Kulikov, E 
Dorofeev, G L 
Kozlowski, K 
Tomków, L 
Drobin, V M 

Abstract: Homogeneous magnetic fields are required in different applications. The resolution of MRI techniques depends on the quality of the magnetic field, as well as the efficiency of electron cooling systems used at particle accelerators. Unclosed magnetic shield made of superconducting tapes is able to nullify the radial component of a solenoidal magnetic field, forming the long region of the homogeneous magnetic field. The shield is a lengthwise winding made from YBCO tapes are wound along a carcass generatrix. Then it is positioned coaxially inside an electromagnet. The measurements were carried out under quasistationary conditions, magnetic fields up to 1 kG at 77K. This paper discusses the design of the superconducting shield and presents experimental and numerical studies into the homogeneity of the magnetic field in solenoids with the superconducting shield.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series
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