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Charmonium $χ_{c0}$ and $χ_{c2}$ resonances in coupled-channel scattering from lattice QCD

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Wilson, David J 
Thomas, Christopher E 
Dudek, Jozef J 
Edwards, Robert G 


In order to explore the spectrum of hidden-charm scalar and tensor resonances, we study meson-meson scattering with JPC=0++,2++ in the charmonium energy region using lattice QCD. Employing a light-quark mass corresponding to mπ≈391 MeV, we determine coupled-channel scattering amplitudes up to around 4100 MeV considering all kinematically relevant channels consisting of a pair of open-charm mesons or a charmonium meson with a light meson. A single isolated scalar resonance near 4000 MeV is found with large couplings to DD¯, DsD¯s and the kinematically closed DD¯ channel. A single tensor resonance at a similar mass couples strongly to DD¯, DD¯ and DD¯. We compare the extracted resonances to contemporary experimental candidate states, previous lattice results and theoretical modeling. In contrast to several other studies, we do not find any significant feature in the scalar amplitudes between the ground state χc0(1P) and the resonance found around 4000 MeV.



hep-lat, hep-lat, hep-ph

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Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology

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American Physical Society
STFC (ST/T000694/1)