Development and evaluation of an extra-curricular programme focussing on high impact career opportunities for medical professionals.

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Pusey, Joseph 
Shah, Rahul 

BACKGROUND: Many medical professionals seek to do good through their careers, which may involve pursuing non-clinical options such as research, policy, or education in addition to clinical work. Working out which paths will lead to the largest social impact is a challenging question and of interest to many doctors. However, there are few, if any, services that use an impact-oriented framework to support doctors who want to make career decisions based on impact. OBJECTIVES: To describe the development of an 8-week fellowship programme to introduce medical professionals to careers paths and focus areas which could lead to a particularly large social impact. And to evaluate the programme in terms of engagement, utility, changes in knowledge and career attitudes of participants. METHODS: The ADDIE instructional design model was used to design and evaluate this fellowship programme. An 8-week curriculum was designed by medical professionals and delivered to medical students and doctors around the world utilising a flipped learning style. Quantitative and qualitative data on the programme were collected and analysed. RESULTS: There was more demand for the programme than anticipated. We found that the fellowship was engaging and useful to medical students and doctors. It resulted in an increase in knowledge and skills on how to consider impact in one's own career and a change in participants' attitudes and behaviours, with some participants making changes to their career and charitable giving following the programme. CONCLUSIONS: We believe an impact-orientated, practical co-curricular programme is valuable to medical professionals exploring impactful career options and there is demand for further programmes in this space.

Humans, Attitude, Physicians, Curriculum, Students, Medical, Career Choice
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PLoS One
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Public Library of Science (PLoS)