West Lodge Lane, Sutton, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological Evaluation.

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Timberlake, Simon 
Billington, Lawrence 

Between 17th-18th March 2011 the Cambridge Archaeological Unit carried out an archaeological evaluation (c.120m of trenching) within 0.5 ha of garden on the east side of West Lodge Lane, Sutton. The garden lies within a hollow on the slope overlooking South Fen on the south side of Sutton village. The northernmost trench commenced higher up the slope revealed clay geology close to the surface with a thin covering of gravel which thickened towards the base where evidence for Postmedieval (probably mid- 19th century) quarrying and subsequent backfill was apparent. Towards the upper end of this trench an E-W linear feature (possibly a ditch or earlier quarrying feature) was found from which probable 16th-17th century pottery was recovered. All of the remaining five trenches were dug across the bottom and sides of the hollow; these revealed evidence for nineteenth century quarrying in the shape of shallow backfilled scoops, and in places islands of unexcavated gravel forming the higher ground in between. A scatter of burnt limestone pebbles across the site may relate to evidence for former lime burning, perhaps using the ubiquitous limestone present as cobbles and pebbles within the gravel. The level of truncation caused by quarrying, planting and the burial of domestic rubbish would probably have removed any traces of earlier archaeology had this been present.

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