KiDS+VIKING-450: A new combined optical and near-infrared dataset for cosmology and astrophysics

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Wright, AH 
Hildebrandt, H 
Kuijken, K 
Erben, T 
Blake, R 

We present the curation and verification of a new combined optical and near infrared dataset for cosmology and astrophysics, derived from the combination of ugri-band imaging from the Kilo Degree Survey (KiDS) and ZYJHKs-band imaging from the VISTA Kilo degree Infrared Galaxy (VIKING) survey. This dataset is unrivaled in cosmological imaging surveys due to its combination of area (458 deg2 before masking), depth (r≤25), and wavelength coverage (ugriZYJHKs). The combination of survey depth, area, and (most importantly) wavelength coverage allows significant reductions in systematic uncertainties (i.e. reductions of between 10 and 60% in bias, outlier rate, and scatter) in photometric-to-spectroscopic redshift comparisons, compared to the optical-only case at photo-z above 0.7. The complementarity between our optical and NIR surveys means that over 80% of our sources, across all photo-z, have significant detections (i.e. not upper limits) in our 8 reddest bands. We derive photometry, photo-z, and stellar masses for all sources in the survey, and verify these data products against existing spectroscopic galaxy samples. We demonstrate the fidelity of our higher-level data products by constructing the survey stellar mass functions in 8 volume-complete redshift bins. We find that these photometrically derived mass functions provide excellent agreement with previous mass evolution studies derived using spectroscopic surveys. The primary data products presented in this paper are publicly available at

cosmology: observations, gravitational lensing: weak, galaxies: photometry, surveys
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Astronomy and Astrophysics
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EDP Sciences
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