Urban political ecology: a critical reconfiguration

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jats:pUrban political ecology now finds itself at a crossroads between gradual marginalization or renewed intellectual impetus. Despite some recent critical re-evaluations of the field, there remain a series of conceptual tensions that have only been partially explored. I consider six issues in particular: the uncertain relations between urban political ecology and the biophysical sciences; the emergence of extended conceptions of agency and subjectivity; the redefinition of space, scale, and the urban realm; renewed interest in urban epidemiology; the delineation of urban ecological imaginaries; and finally, the emergence of evidentiary materialism as an alternative posthuman configuration to new materialist ontologies. I conclude that a conceptually enriched urban political ecology could play an enhanced role in critical environmental research.</jats:p>


Funder: H2020 European Research Council; FundRef: https://doi.org/10.13039/100010663

eco-criticism, evidentiary materialism, other-than-human geographies, urban ecological imaginaries, urban epidemiology, urban political ecology
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Progress in Human Geography
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