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Lodge Farm, Costessey: Archaeological Evaluation by Field Survey (Phase 2)

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Beadsmoore, Emma 
Hall, Andrew 


Archaeological evaluation by field survey was undertaken on land at Lodge Farm, Costessey by a team from Cambridge Archaeological Unit in June 2003. The work involved systematic field walking and metal detecting over an area of 8.5 ha. It formed the second phase of field survey on the 18 ha site in advance of a planning application for residential development. The investigation revealed a density of late Neolithic/early Bronze Age worked flint, especially on the higher ground to the west of the site. A later Bronze Age axe was recovered from the eastern end of the area, probably representing an outlier from a known later Bronze Age metalwork hoard. In addition a low density of Post Medieval pottery, tile, glass and metalwork was collected across the site. The results complimented those from the first phase of the field survey and once again indicated a high potential for the discovery of late Neolithic and early Bronze Age activity within the development area. In addition more intensive zones of early Bronze Age activity were identified as well as a potential for later Bronze Age activity relating to the metalwork hoard.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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