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The mitochondrial oxidoreductase CHCHD4 is present in a semi-oxidized state in vivo.

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Erdogan, Alican J 
Ali, Muna 
Habich, Markus 
Salscheider, Silja L 
Schu, Laura 


Disulfide formation in the mitochondrial intermembrane space is an essential process catalyzed by a disulfide relay machinery. In mammalian cells, the key enzyme in this machinery is the oxidoreductase CHCHD4/Mia40. Here, we determined the in vivo CHCHD4 redox state, which is the major determinant of its cellular activity. We found that under basal conditions, endogenous CHCHD4 redox state in cultured cells and mouse tissues was predominantly oxidized, however, degrees of oxidation in different tissues varied from 70% to 90% oxidized. To test whether differences in the ratio between CHCHD4 and ALR might explain tissue-specific differences in the CHCHD4 redox state, we determined the molar ratio of both proteins in different mouse tissues. Surprisingly, ALR is superstoichiometric over CHCHD4 in most tissues. However, the levels of CHCHD4 and the ratio of ALR over CHCHD4 appear to correlate only weakly with the redox state, and although ALR is present in superstoichiometric amounts, it does not lead to fully oxidized CHCHD4.



CHCHD4/ALR/disulfide/redox/mitochondria, Animals, Disulfides, Mice, Mitochondria, Mitochondrial Membrane Transport Proteins, Mitochondrial Precursor Protein Import Complex Proteins, Mitochondrial Proteins, Organ Specificity, Oxidation-Reduction, Oxidoreductases, Oxidoreductases Acting on Sulfur Group Donors, Protein Transport

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Redox Biol

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