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Research data supporting 'Detecting and Localizing Differences in Functional Time Series Dynamics: A Case Study in Molecular Biophysics'.

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Tavakoli, Shahin 
Panaretos, Victor. M. 


  • dna-dynamics.RData: results of the analysis conducted in the paper. Contains sample spectral the spectral densities of the data (cap.spec, tata.spec), the differences between the spectral densities localized in frequencies (spec.difference.on.frequencies) and localized in frequencies and along curvelength (spec.difference.freq.curvelength). - simulations-level-power.RData: results of the simulation studies presented in the paper to assess the finite sample level and power of the procedure for detecting differences between spectral densities at the level of frequencies. - simulations-grid-density.RData: results of the simulation studies presented in the paper to determine the effect of the density of the frequency grid on the power. An R package for reproducing the results, as well as the simulation studies, available on


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RData (R software)


functional time series, spectral density operator


This work was supported by the EPSRC [grant number EP/K021672/2] and the ERC.