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Adjoint sensitivity kernels for free oscillation spectra

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Adourian, S 
Dursun, MS 
Al-Attar, D 


jats:titleSUMMARY</jats:title> jats:pWe apply the adjoint method to efficiently calculate sensitivity kernels for long-period seismic spectra with respect to structural and source parameters. Our approach is built around the solution of the frequency-domain equations of motion using the direct solution method (DSM). The DSM is currently applied within large-scale mode coupling calculations and is also likely to be useful within finite-element type methods for modelling seismic spectra that are being actively developed. Using mode coupling theory as a framework for solving both the forward and adjoint equations, we present numerical examples that focus on the spectrum close to four eigenfrequencies (the low-frequency mode, 0S2, and higher frequency modes, namely 2S2, 0S7 and 0S10 for comparison). For each chosen observable, we plot sensitivity kernels with respect to 3-D perturbations in density and seismic wave speeds. We also use the adjoint method to calculate derivatives of observables with respect to the matrices occurring within mode coupling calculations. This latter approach points towards a generalization of the two-stage splitting function method for structural inversions that does not rely on inaccurate self-coupling or group-coupling approximations. Finally, we verify through direct calculation that our sensitivity kernels correctly predict the linear dependence of the chosen observables on model perturbations. In doing this, we highlight the importance of non-linearity within inversions of long-period spectra.</jats:p>



37 Earth Sciences, 3706 Geophysics

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Geophysical Journal International

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Oxford University Press (OUP)