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A Review of Automated Construction Progress Monitoring Methods

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Kopsida, M 
Vela, P 


Accurate assessment of progress allows managers to make adjustments to minimise costs when deviations from the schedule occur. Current practices of predicting the performance of a construction team require inspections that are still mainly manual, time consuming and can contain errors. Improper understanding of the current status can lead to further errors and unsuitable adjustments by the managing team, leading to more delays and increased cost. The problem is amplified when inspections take place in interior environments where the tasks are more complex. Efficient progress monitoring systems can help automate progress inspections, reduce the risks of error, facilitate proper and timely corrective actions, and prevent deviations in terms of cost and schedule. This paper presents a literature synthesis and interpretation of the state-of-the-art progress monitoring methods in terms of (a) data acquisition, as in technologies that are used for capturing the as-built scenes, (b) information retrieval, as in extracting the information needed from the as-built data, (c) progress estimation, which includes the comparison between the as-built and as-planned model in order to define the progress status and (d) visualisation of the results. The methods reviewed were categorised in terms of the technology used and assessed in terms of utility, time efficiency, accuracy, level of automation, required preparation, training requirements, cost and mobility. The review concludes with a recommendation of the most appropriate technologies to use based on the type of activities, environment and the needs of the inspection.



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Proceedings of the 32nd CIB W78 Conference on Construction IT

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