Towards a quality metric for dense light fields.

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Adhikarla, Vamsi Kiran 
Vinkler, Marek 
Sumin, Denis 
Mantiuk, Rafal K 
Myszkowski, Karol 

Light fields become a popular representation of three-dimensional scenes, and there is interest in their processing, resampling, and compression. As those operations often result in loss of quality, there is a need to quantify it. In this work, we collect a new dataset of dense reference and distorted light fields as well as the corresponding quality scores which are scaled in perceptual units. The scores were acquired in a subjective experiment using an interactive light-field viewing setup. The dataset contains typical artifacts that occur in light-field processing chain due to light-field reconstruction, multi-view compression, and limitations of automultiscopic displays. We test a number of existing objective quality metrics to determine how well they can predict the quality of light fields. We find that the existing image quality metrics provide good measures of light-field quality, but require dense reference light-fields for optimal performance. For more complex tasks of comparing two distorted light fields, their performance drops significantly, which reveals the need for new, light-field-specific metrics.

cs.CV, cs.CV
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2017 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
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Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
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