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Gram-Positive Bacterial Membrane-Based Biosensor for Multimodal Investigation of Membrane-Antibiotic Interactions.

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Bint-E-Naser, Samavi Farnush  ORCID logo
Mohamed, Zeinab Jushkun 
Chao, Zhongmou 
Bali, Karan 


As membrane-mediated antibiotic resistance continues to evolve in Gram-positive bacteria, the development of new approaches to elucidate the membrane properties involved in antibiotic resistance has become critical. Membrane vesicles (MVs) secreted by the cytoplasmic membrane of Gram-positive bacteria contain native components, preserving lipid and protein diversity, nucleic acids, and sometimes virulence factors. Thus, MV-derived membrane platforms present a great model for Gram-positive bacterial membranes. In this work, we report the development of a planar bacterial cytoplasmic membrane-based biosensor using MVs isolated from the Bacillus subtilis WT strain that can be coated on multiple surface types such as glass, quartz crystals, and polymeric electrodes, fostering the multimodal assessment of drug-membrane interactions. Retention of native membrane components such as lipoteichoic acids, lipids, and proteins is verified. This biosensor replicates known interaction patterns of the antimicrobial compound, daptomycin, with the Gram-positive bacterial membrane, establishing the applicability of this platform for carrying out biophysical characterization of the interactions of membrane-acting antibiotic compounds with the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane. We report changes in membrane viscoelasticity and permeability that correspond to partial membrane disruption when calcium ions are present with daptomycin but not when these ions are chelated. This biomembrane biosensing platform enables an assessment of membrane biophysical characteristics during exposure to antibiotic drug candidates to aid in identifying compounds that target membrane disruption as a mechanism of action.


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Gram-positive bacteria, antibiotic sensing, daptomycin, membrane vesicles, microelectrode array, organic electronic, permeability, supported lipid bilayer, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Daptomycin, Gram-Positive Bacteria, Cell Membrane, Ions

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Biosensors (Basel)

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (2266415)