Land At Christie Drive, Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdon. An Archaeological Dektop Assessment.

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Appleby, Grahame 

This archaeological desk top assessment was requested by Stamford Homes to assess the likely archaeological impact of a proposed development area (PDA) of c. 0.4ha adjacent to Christie Drive. Evaluation of the archaeological, historical and cartographic evidence shows the PDA to be located adjacent to a previously excavated area of archaeological significance, dating from the 1st millennium BC to the Medieval period, notably Iron Age and Romano-British settlement activity, with evidence of a high status building in the vicinity. Previous evaluation fieldwork within the PDA itself has located archaeological features dating to the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Romano-British periods, suggesting the continuation of these neighbouring settlement remains. In recent years, the PDA contained a construction yard/compound. There is the possibility of localised ground disturbance to archaeological features associated with previous earth-moving.

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