Ely Road, Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire. An Archaeological Evaluation.

Change log
Tabor, Jonathon 
Wright, Alasdair 

A trial trench based archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Cambridge Archaeological Unit (CAU) on land to the south of the Two Acres Caravan Park, Ely Road, Little Thetford, Cambridgeshire (TL 5290 7669) between 26th and 29th March 2018. Five trenches totalling 245m in length were excavated revealing a total of nine archaeological features. The majority of features recorded by the evaluation were ditches and appear likely to relate to agricultural activity. These include a series of parallel gullies and apotentially associated boundary, which whilst undated, are reminiscent of features often interpreted as planting beds; thought to be Roman in date similar features havebeen recorded on a number of other sites in the locale. A single ditch, which yielded a medieval/post-medieval iron key represents slightly later activity, whilst potential evidence of the former Ely and St. Ives Railway was recorded in the form of a deposit of sand found at two locations corresponding to the railway’s former course.

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