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Cognitive training in stroke; a proof of concept study.

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Peers, PV 
Astle, DE 
Murphy, FC 
Hampshire, A 


This pilot study was carried out to examine whether 1 month of on-line cognitive training could be beneficial in improving cognitive function and reducing disability in patients with chronic strokes that affected areas of the brain most likely to impact on their attentional functioning. Full details of the methods can be obtained from the open access paper by following this link.

6 files are available in this repository. These are as follows:

Trainingdata.xls - a file containing summary measures of training functions for the online training.

PilotFinalSPSSdata.xls - a file containing all pre and post training assessment measures for each individual.

Kvariabilitydataf.xls- a file containing the calculations used to derive variability in the K paprameter of the TVA task using mean and SD data pre and post training.

CompletePilotDataSept14.sav- SPSS data file containing pre and post data for each individual

CompletePilotTrainingDataonly.sav- SPSS data file including pre and post assessment measures and summary measures of the training functions for each individual.

Trainingoutputsapril15.spy – results of analyses completed.


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