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Dickens, Alison 


The objective of this report is to examine the probability of archaeological remains occurring within the proposed redevelopment area and to assess the likely impact of the redevelopment upon any such remains. The study sets the findings in the context of the relevant legislation, both national and local, and proposes a broad archaeological model based on the findings. The proposed development site lies within a rich archaeological landscape with evidence of activity from the early prehistoric period onwards, however there is no concrete evidence at this time to demonstrate that such remains extend within the site boundary. Given the above conclusion further data will be required to construct a detailed archaeological model for the site. This would be best achieved by field based evaluation. The impact of the proposed development on the archaeological record will depend upon the construction techniques used, but are likely to be most significant in Area A and rather less so in Areas B and C.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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