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Matching Reused Elements to Structural Designs for Steel Reuse

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Parn, Erika 
Brilakis, Ioannis 
Luo, peihang 
Alavi, Hamidreza 


This paper explores the pivotal role of structural steel elements in construction, emphasizing their contribution to project sustainability and cost-effectiveness. The study proposes an innovative approach to optimize the reuse of these elements, employing algorithms like greedy algorithms, and bipartite graphs. The methodology addresses the challenge of selecting and matching reusable steel elements by considering factors such as length, area, and moment of inertia. The resulting optimization model identifies the optimal set of elements, minimizing global warming impact. This research pioneers the integration of matching algorithms in structural engineering, showcasing their potential to transform the selection and reuse of steel elements. The automated design process, driven by these algorithms, aligns with circularity principles, thereby reducing embodied carbon emissions in new constructions. Results demonstrate the effectiveness of the method in enhancing reuse feasibility, reducing material waste, and yielding economic savings.



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ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering

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EPSRC (via University of Birmingham) (2108169)