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An Archaeological Desk Based Assessment of Land at Lodge Farm, Costessey, Norfolk

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Everill, P. 
Hall, Andrew 


This Archaeological Desk Based Assessment was commissioned by Wilcon Homes. It relates to an area of approximately 22 hectares to the west of New Costessey, Norfolk. The proposed development area (PDA) lies within the property of Lodge Farm, centred on TG 165/103. The study reveals significant known prehistoric archaeology within the PDA, notably a Bronze Age ring ditch and the find spot of a late Bronze Age hoard. Within the immediate surrounding area there are numerous other findspots and sites of all periods. It is clear this was an area of activity during the prehistoric period and there is the potential to uncover further archaeology, possibly relating to settlement and fieldsystems. With several Roman find spots and scatters within the vicinity, and a possible road running along the southern boundary of the development area, archaeology of this period may also be present. The area would have been an attractive place to settle throughout the past, located between two rivers, the Wensun to the north and Yare to the south, and on a gentle south-east facing slope, with light and well drained, sandy soils.



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Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

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